Author: Jack Eidt

Alejandro Carrillo
EcoJustice Radio, Permaculture

Restoring Grasslands & Rainfall in the Desert with Alejandro Carrillo

In this enlightening conversation with Alejandro Carrillo, learn about the Grasslands Regeneration Project and how it’s transforming once-barren deserts into vibrant grasslands. Alejandro shares his passion for regenerative ranching and the principles that guide his work, including mimicking natural processes and promoting biodiversity.

solar field, dustin mulvaney
EcoJustice Radio

Do Environmental Regulations Stop Clean Energy and Affordable Housing?

Clean Energy expert, Dustin Mulvaney from San José State University, argues that contrary to claims by industry, renewable energy projects like wind and solar are not facing major permitting delays due to environmental rules and regulations. He explains how proactive planning and siting have streamlined approvals, while transmission has faced grid issues. Indigenous activist Lydia Poncé argues for the necessity of environmental justice provisions, and that proposed permitting reforms could weaken protections for vulnerable communities.