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garment workers, Los Angeles
EcoJustice Radio

LA’s Sweatshops & the Fight for Garment Workers – EcoJustice Radio

Los Angeles is the nation’s garment production capital and the city’s second largest manufacturing sector, yet workers face injustice, usually associated with the developing world, right here in one of the largest cities in the United States. Jessica Aldridge interviews Mar Martinez from the Garment Worker Center a worker rights organization leading an anti-sweatshop movement to secure social and economic justice for tens of thousands of Los Angeles garment workers.

conflict minerals, Congo

The Lucrative and Violent Curse of Coltan Mining in Congo


One of Africa’s most rare-minerals-rich countries, the Democratic Republic of Congo, has endured Belgian colonization, slavery, and continuing atrocities, where militant groups control the extraction of “conflict resources.” The tech industry turns these extracted raw materials into components of mobile phones and computers. Yet the cost is deadly.

child labor in West Africa, chocolate

Child Labor: The Dark Side of Chocolate

Chocolate often originates from the hands of children working as slaves. In Côte D’Ivoire and other cocoa-producing countries, an estimated 100,000 children labor in the fields, many against their will. Action taken now demands that Hershey “Raise the Bar” on their fair trade labor practices.