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Soulful to Soilful: Cultivating Community Through Urban Composting


Michael Martinez, Founder and Executive Director of LA Compost illustrates how composting should and can be available to everyone and explores how his organization has grown a successful urban composting model by developing spaces and collaborations with a wide variety of partners including the community, nonprofits, business, and city departments.

Steven Donziger, Ecuador, Chevron
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Chevron Loses Civil Case in Ecuador – Attorney Steven Donziger Goes to Jail

Human Rights Attorney Steven Donziger, fighting to make Chevron pay $9.5 billion to clean up their mess left behind after decades of oil drilling, dumping, and spilling in Ecuador, is sentenced and serving six months in jail for “Criminal Contempt.” EcoJustice Radio interviewed him on the original case and the efforts by Chevron-friendly judges to stop him from advocating for the Ecuadorian people.