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David Newsom, Wild Yards Project
EcoJustice Radio

The Wild Yards Project: Transforming Lawns into Biodiverse Habitats

Hear David Newsom of the Wild Yards Project share about the rewards and challenges of re-creating urban and suburban cultivated spaces into abundant, biodiverse, resilient and equitable spaces with native plants. Wild Yards Project is inspiring globally, transforming built-spaces locally, and providing resources for people worldwide to begin where they are in restoring and healing the lands where they live.

Los Angeles River Revitalization
Urban Land

LA River: An Urban Ecosystem Makeover in Transition

After seven years of study, federal officials have recommended a $453-million plan that would restore an 11-mile stretch of the Los Angeles River but leave much of its banks steep and hard to reach. Advocates will continue to press for a more ambitious alternative that would bring more people to the river, improving parks and recreation as well as ecosystems.