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GMO Herbicide Glyphosate, Toxic to Ecosystems, Carcinogenic to You


Bayer’s multi-billion dollar GMO herbicide is one of the most toxic substances ever launched on the public, responsible for cancers and other diseases, and has significant negative effects on ecosystems across the world. California has agreed to add glyphosate, the main ingredient of Monsanto’s Roundup, to the list of known carcinogens.

March Against Monsanto Los Angeles
Environmental Health

GMO Agriculture is Dangerous: The Case Against Bayer (Monsanto)


Millions of activists in 52 countries around the world Marched Against Monsanto, the biotechnology giant of genetically engineered agriculture now owned by Bayer. They claim GMOs will safely feed the world, but a growing body of scientific evidence shows it is dangerous to human health and the environment, and will not increase productivity.