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Political Geography

Honduran Election: Neoliberal Militarization Versus The People


Military and judicial violence against the public and in post-coup Honduras leading up to the coming November elections are central components of the neoliberal economic takeover. In order to legitimate and secure the economic violence effected against Honduran citizens by multinational corporations, the judiciary criminalizes opposition to them while the military (along with other state security forces) goes after citizen-“criminals” with an iron fist.

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International Issues

Crackdown on Teachers in Tegucigalpa Looking Like Dictatorship, Not Unity and Reconciliation


A non-violent road-block protest by teachers at the National Pedagogical University “Francisco Morazan” in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, calling for increasing the minimum wage, reinstatement of fired workers, and payment of past-due contributions to a pension and benefits fund, ended with teargas, beatings, and arrests.