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American Tea Party: Crazy Talk From the Heartland

Congressional Tea Party Crazies, funded by two-too nutty billionaire brothers (the Kochs), threaten to shut government (forever?) unless Obamacare is jettisoned: a healthcare model conceived by Republicans, enacted by a Republican governor, never mind Capitol Hill’s over-the-cliff-gang have wrenched more than they even asked for in budget cuts from Obama ain’t ever enough, long as “He” occupies 1600 PA Ave. Following are some sane recommendations from Robert Reich.

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BCNews Talks Farm Bill With Congressman Fincher

BCnews’ ongoing trek through the political tall grass of double-speak and self-aggrandizement, searching for that elusive nugget / needle-in-the-political haystack, called Truth. Today, Rep. Stephen Fincher, Republican of Tennessee, explains why the government needs to reduce spending on the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program that provides food to poor families.