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Compostable Foodware
EcoJustice Radio

The Truth About Compostable Packaging

Are you confused about compostable packaging, like is it truly compostable or are we being bamboozled by marketing? Are thereĀ  environmental concerns that haven’t been considered? And how can compostable packaging assist in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. What about reusables? Check out the interview with Erin Levine from World Centric.

EcoJustice Radio

Social Equity in a Zero Waste Baltimore – National Zero Waste Conference

EcoJustice Radio visits Baltimore, Maryland, setting the standard for #ZeroWasteCities by ensuring social equity. Their racially and economically just Zero Waste Plan goes beyond the successful management of resources and waste by lifting up human rights values and ensuring that those communities who are historically burdened by the ill effects of our waste system are made a priority. Jessica Aldridge from Adventures in Waste interviews advocates from United Workers.