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Alex MacLean, Alberta tar sands
Literary, Sustainability, Urban Art

Geo-Fauvism and Anthropocene: Altered Planet, Wild Literature


Welcome to the Anthropocene age, where humans have transmogrified the planet, its oceans and atmosphere, caused mass extinctions and wholesale contamination that will remain for millennia. Beyond the politicians and scientists, the way forward remains in the hands of writers, artists, and designers taking inspiration from wild earth in a movement called Geo-Fauvism.

J. G. Ballard, literary

J. G. Ballard: Atrocity Exhibition and the Modernist Motorcar Dystopia


“The Atrocity Exhibition” is J.G. Ballard’s instruction manual in how to disrupt mass media and recontextualize technology in a dystopian landscape overrun with industrial waste and technological white noise. Watch the piece on Ballard and the Motorcar, that careens across the landscape of his controversial novel, “Crash.”

Metropolis, Fritz Lang, dystopia

H. G. Wells on the Futurist Dystopia of Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis”


“Metropolis” hallucinates a futuristic city, a paradise of glass and steel, where underground workers toil endlessly at the giant machines that run the world above. Controlled by the autocratic industrialist, his spoilt son falls for the working class prophet who envisions some mediation between workers and managers. Noted science fiction author H. G. Wells reviews the controversial 1927 masterpiece.