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Elliott Abrams, CODEPINK
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12 Reasons to Try Elliott Abrams in the International Criminal Court


Donald Trump appointed Elliott Abrams as “Special Envoy to Venezuela” to help facilitate regime change in that country by the United States. This nod marks Mr. Abrams’ third assignment in U.S. Republican administrations. The following is a brief background of his career, summarized by
Rachel Bruhnke.

Ancient Maya Ruins of Tikal, Guatemala
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Maya Ruins at Tikal: A New Beginning at Winter Solstice


Twenty five hundred years ago, a group of peoples settled Tikal, surrounded by the lowland rainforests of the Petén Basin of northern Guatemala. Their descendants would create a remarkable civilization that populated cities and villages across much of southern Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. Today, it has returned to the forest but turned into a major archeological attraction.