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Elliott Abrams, CODEPINK
International Issues, Politics and Advocacy

12 Reasons to Try Elliott Abrams in the International Criminal Court

Donald Trump appointed Elliott Abrams as “Special Envoy to Venezuela” to help facilitate regime change in that country by the United States. This nod marks Mr. Abrams’ third assignment in U.S. Republican administrations. The following is a brief background of his career, summarized by
Rachel Bruhnke.

TThomas Fire 2017, Ventura County
Climate, Environmental Issues

Confronting Wildfire: Retrofit Communities, Not Forests

As California continues with massive wind-driven, high-intensity wildfires that often turn deadly, the governmental and institutional response has been to thin forests and “grind up vegetation” to fight fires. Naomi Pitcairn points to a movement by plant community and wildfire experts led by the Richard Halsey of the Chaparral Institute to focus on protecting vulnerable communities rather than trying to control nature, which now faces extreme heatwaves and droughts from an unpredictable greenhouse-gas-warmed climate.