Political Haiku: The Revolution Will Not Be Roboticized


Mark Morris lays down some poetic effulgence in the budding genre of political haiku, or as he endearingly calls it: Hacku. Let it flow in the Era of the Orange One.

Caravaggio, Narcissus

Narcissus by the Italian Baroque master Caravaggio, 1597-1599

The Russians Are Hacking! The Russians Are Hacking!

Subject: Narcissus
“Reflection results are in
Gravity is blamed”

-KaiChi ShinJi

In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a hunter from Thespiae in Boeotia who was known for his beauty. He was the son of the river god Cephissus and nymph Liriope. He was proud, in that he disdained those who loved him. Nemesis noticed this behavior and attracted Narcissus to a pool, where he saw his own reflection in the water and fell in love with it, not realizing it was merely an image. Unable to leave the beauty of his reflection, Narcissus lost his will to live. He stared at his reflection until he died.

Under Presser

Lights! Camera! Cell Phones!
The Emperor is singing,
“Tapper, Jake, Bite Me!”

-KaiChi ShinJi

Mitch Pitches Fit

Slumber Senate trolls
With legislative turrets
Hurry up and die

-KaiChi ShinJi

Headline Hacku Sunday Edition:

We Have Got To Get It Together, (Now)

Comforting Silos
Rally in the park with George
While park is on fire

-KaiChi ShinJi

Georges Seurat

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, by the French Neo-Impressionist Georges Seurat

Gil Scott-Heron

The revolution
Will not be roboticized
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-KaiChi ShinJi

Gil Scott Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Mark Morris is a political commentator and environmental activist who lives in the Los Angeles area.

Updated 19 January 2021

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