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Growing Coral to Restore the World’s Reefs with Sam Teicher

Coral Vita’s Sam Teicher discusses the urgent status of the world’s coral reefs and how we can restore them by rapidly and effectively growing climate-change resilient coral. The world’s first land-based coral farm, Coral Vita, aims to help scale up reef restoration globally using breakthrough technologies and nature-based solutions, including micro-fragmentation and assisted evolution. Learn about the critical role coral plays in marine ecosystems and how restoring it is essential to our collective future. Current and recent, unprecedented mass bleaching events affecting the Great Barrier Reef, highlights the importance of taking urgent action on behalf of our oceans and reefs worldwide. Act now while there is still time to turn the tide!

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Sharkwater: Sea Shepherd Battles Shark-fin Poachers in the Pacific

Rob Stewart’s beautifully shot documentary “Sharkwater,” set in the Galapagos and Isla del Coco of the Pacific Ocean, refutes those who vilify the shark as a killer of humans, insisting they do not wish to eat us. He also films Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson’s attack on the Costa Rican shark fin poachers, which has led to international charges for the famous defender of the sea.