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Political Geography

Israel’s Colonial Project in Palestine is Faltering


Dan Glazebrook writes on the colonial history of the Zionist dream of a homeland, including the destruction of the Palestinian people and dispossession of their land and livelihood through aggression and settlement building, shows Israel has no intention of conceding on Palestinian statehood. We also feature a video of Ilan Pappé, Israeli historian, and the film, “The Zionist Story.”

Israel Colonialism
Political Geography

Palestine, War and the Responsibility of Colonial Power

To achieve justice and peace in Israel, its popular portrayal as the victim of Palestinian aggression must be replaced with the state accepting responsibility in its role as a colonial power with all the attendant political, military, and financial hegemony. As an occupying power, they must protect the civilian population, and their actions must be proportional and measured towards perceived injustice, granting rights and self determination to the Palestinian people. Otherwise, war, death, hatred, and instability will continue. Essay by Ajamu Baraka with two films by John Pilger.

Banksy, graffiti art
Urban Art

Banksy: Satirical Outlaw, Graffiti Bomber, Mockumentarian


Hiding in the back alleys and behind a hoodie, he stencils freehand Gorillas in Pink Masks. An international art sensation makes a film about making a film about a guy who wants to become an international art sensation. The pseudonymous street artist Banksy has turned his well-marketed cultural irreverence into a boom time in the discontent industry.