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Banksy, graffiti art
Urban Art

Banksy: Satirical Outlaw, Graffiti Bomber, Mockumentarian


Hiding in the back alleys and behind a hoodie, he stencils freehand Gorillas in Pink Masks. An international art sensation makes a film about making a film about a guy who wants to become an international art sensation. The pseudonymous street artist Banksy has turned his well-marketed cultural irreverence into a boom time in the discontent industry.

Marilyn Takes Palm Springs

26-Foot Marilyn of The Desert

On the Plaza of American Life, where does 26-foot Marilyn stand? For now, she’s straddling Palm Springs tourists. Is she this years’ ceramic pink flamingo replacement, soon to be on everyone’s front lawn? Let’s hope so. America’s new moral umbrella is Monroe’s revenge. Oow, some do like it hot.