Representative Kerry Bentivolio, Michigan, Obama, impeachment

Rep. Bentivolio, Santa and Reindeer Want Obama Impeached


Freshman Congressman, Part-Time Santa, and Reindeer farmer Kerry Bentivolio advocates he wants President Obama impeached, and not because of his stance on Syria. He’s still trying to think of a reason. Who really shows up to vote in Michigan?

Representative Kerry Bentivolio, Michigan, Obama, impeachment
Rep. Bentivolio says his dream is to impeach Obama.
Rep. Kerry Bentivolio, Michigan, BlondCounty
Does he have support in Congress?
Rep. Kerry Bentivolio, Michigan, Obama, BlondCounty
Do they have anything on Obama?
Rep. Kerry Bentivolio, Michigan, impeach Obama, BlondCounty
They got nuthin.
Rep. Kerry Bentivolio, Santa, Christmas, reindeer, BlondCounty
Bentivolio owns reindeer, a sleigh, plays Santa, and has applied for reindeer flight clearance at Christmas.
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