Idaho Mountain Lion Tastes Like Pork Loin


The battle goes on between managing the interest of wildlife in ecosystems, including top predators like mountain lions, grizzlies, and wolves, and the sport hunting lobby, aligned with livestock, gun, and development interests.

NRA members show in support of Dan Richards, Fish and Game President
CA Fish and Game Commish Prez says, “Mountain Lion: The New White Meat”

Mountain Lion: The New White-Meat – By Jerry Collamer

March 8, 2012, Riverside, California: NRA members and a few anti-hunting advocates cram into a small room voicing support, and-or opposition to CA’s Fish & Game head Daniel Richards, who’d gone to Idaho to kill a mountain lion, posting a pic of him and the carcass on the web. He claims to have eaten some, comparing it to pork loin. His excuse for killing Idaho cat, “Cuz ya’ can’t kill’em in Californie.” Rumor is, his kill-trip was a freebie. He’s being investigated for accepting a gift above the $420 state limit.

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