Orange County, Transportation Corridor Agencies, SR 241 Extension

Orange County Toll Road Agency Pushing 241 Extension AGAIN


Jerry Collamer expounds on the not-so-shockingly tone-deaf antics of the Orange County Toll Road Agency that will literally do anything to extend their oft-rejected SR 241 Foothill Toll Road through the backcountry wilderness and down around world class surf destination, Trestles Beach. What did Einstein say about doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results?

Orange County, Transportation Corridor Agencies, SR 241 Extension
Transportation Corridor Agencies has two proposed routes, one, 13, would colonize the newly-built La Pata, then veer off into destroying hill after hill, cutting through newly built communities. Their other one, 14, is the same alignment rejected again and again in 2008, except that they avoid the Donna O’Neill Land Conservancy. The only hope for them is if the Coastal Commission agrees to approve a useless and destructive road that takes over a state park. Map defaced by Jerry Collamer

Can a County Agency be Collectively Nuts?

TCA, our [Orange County, CA] Transportation Corridor Agency,
a private-public entity, purveyor of all things
OC toll roads (57-miles worth, but not the
91-toll lanes), trucked in their same’ol, dare
I say tired dog & pony show / revival meeting
forum, of failed, fantasy toll routes through
San Clemente’s pristine natural habitat, to sell
us (San Clemente residents) their 2016 Fantasy
Plan / 241-south extension, beginning at Oso
Parkway (been denied), heading south to
Ortega Hwy (been denied), crossing Ortega
(denied), south through Rancho Mission
Viejo’s 34,000 acre Reserve (denied), south
to Cristianitos Rd (denied), terminating at I-5
at Trestles (totally denied).

The optimum word here, “denied.”

TCA’s been “denied” their dream toll route
literally, by everyone with an official say in
the matter including tens of thousands of
OC south county and SD north county

TCA Goes to the Shrink: TCA, OC’s Transportation Corridor Agency aka Toll Roads ‘group’ healing process must start now, because the gear they’re stuck in (wanting to pave a needless toll road through San Clemente’s pristine backcountry) ain’t going anywhere, again. And never will go anywhere. Hello TCA…the doctor will see you now.

In a word, no one, but TCA wants, or needs,
a toll road here, ever. A ten year battle that
ended with “100% Denied!” we won.

But there they were, hosting a forum, here
in San Clemente, Weds evening, in the town
who’s city council voted 5-0, No Toll Road
anywhere within our borders. So it hits me
as I stroll past TCA’s 13 info stations, TCA
moderators extolling the virtues of their
brand new 2016 Plan, which is just a
reshuffling of deck chairs on TCA’s Titanic
of a toll route dream-denied scheme,
to make a grown man scream.

I’m not a psychiatrist, but I have a question
regarding TCA’s collective sanity, and or
total lack of, as I introduce this age old truism
from Einstein, or Twain, or who knows:

“doing the same failed thing, over and over
again, expecting a different result, is a sure
sign of insanity”

Proof enough, TCA collectively, is completely

This cannot be denied.

Transportation Corridor Agencies, Orange County, California, Foothill SR 241 Toll Road
Can an agency collectively benefit from group therapy? Inquiring minds would like to know. Toon by Jerry Collamer.
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  1. Great article! Thanks! #notmytollroad Visit for more info on the topic!

  2. Laura Smith

    The TCA is a fire breathing dragon aiming its flames at San Clemente once again. Even though they have been denied over and over they think they can just go on building a toll road that is not needed or wanted. Please help to continue to get the word out.They want to ram a toll road right through our beautiful town which was once route 13 now basically the same now called route 14. It would take away our mitigated land run right by our parks schools and neighborhoods. We must slay the dragon,(TCA) this time for good!

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