The Atoms Family: Radiation is Everywhere!


Edison illuminates for elementary schoolers nuclear fission’s faulty towers, “Let’s Color and Do Activities with The Atoms Family!” Cancer or evacuations not included.


Outside Southern California Edison’s (SCE) / San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station’s (SONGS) Dog &Pony Show,  held inside San Clemente, California Community Center, a SONGS employee challenged how anyone dare oppose nuclear generation of electricity (through super heating uranium).

A curious debate here in sunny SoCal, where electricity is also available safe & sane via solar panels on roofs, with no threat of meltdown, or worse: “melt-thru” (currently over-radiating northern Japan, and the globe, and the Pacific Ocean).

Makes one wonder, are nuke employees led to nuclear fission’s faulty tower from reading American Nuclear Society’s Kindergarten thru 5th Grade, “Let’s Color and Do Activities with The Atoms Family!” Mom Atom, Dad Atom, Brother Atom and Sister Atom too?

31-curious pages of Fun with Nukes. Kids Color and Learn! Shows how a nuke plant works. Says radiation is everywhere. Warns us, “Wear sunscreen.” What’s not mentioned: evacuation – cancer from nuclear exposure – the 300,000 years (maybe only 100,000 / no one knows) it takes spent fuel pellets to cool – and or Hello, Chernobyl / still melting 25-years after: or Fukushima – the New Worst, and Oh – that SONGS shares the same accident-prone profile as Fukushima: earthquake zones / tsunamis / old facilities, etc, etc.

Or that SONGS’ puny 7.5% output (to the grid) is in no way worth its devastation potential. The Atoms family closet is crammed with scary secrets not mentioned in their purple book. Ironically, the original ‘Adams’ family were comically strange too, but fiction. SCE’s Atom Family coloring book is also strange, as in carefully edited strange. We can do without SCE’s weird 1950’s era kiddy book, and SCE’s traveling D&P Shows – and SONGS, immediately, if not sooner. Because if smoking’s not allowed on San Clemente beaches due to public-heath concerns, how on earth is life-altering nuke-waste: 4,000 tons worth, with 500lbs added to the {not} spent-pile daily allowed?

The book doesn’t say.

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