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From Degradation to Regeneration: John Roulac’s Eco Vision


EcoJustice RadioJohn Roulac, Founder of Nutiva and Executive Producer of the recently premiered documentary film, Common Ground, advocates more profitable and earth-friendly ways to grow nutrient-dense food, draw down carbon to address climate chaos, and return our rivers to their natural blue appearance: regenerative agriculture.

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From Degradation to Regeneration John Roulac's Eco Vision - EcoJustice Radio

Sowing Seeds of Change with Nutiva’s Founder

Two hundred years ago, before the Industrial Revolution, the rivers across North America ran clear and blue. Beginning in the 1800s, the growth of manufacturing and agriculture brought prosperity, but at the great cost of unmitigated pollution. While the food industry has been focused on profitability, their agricultural practices have resulted in rainstorms washing pesticides, fertilizers, feedlot manure, and bare soil into our waterways and oceans, turning rivers from clear reflections of blue skies to hues of greenish brown. And human health has suffered as well.

“We’ve lost 75% of all winged insects since the 1970s.”  — John Roulac

STORY: Regenerative Responses: Growing The Soil Carbon Sponge

John Roulac, NutivaOur guest John Roulac, Founder of Nutiva and Executive Producer of the recently premiered documentary film, Common Ground, delivers the good news: there are profitable and earth-friendly ways to grow nutrient-dense food, draw down carbon to address climate chaos, and return our rivers to their natural blue appearance. He discusses his many nonprofit organizations and two documentary films focused on soil regeneration as an important way forward.

STORY: Moms Across America: Reclaiming Children’s Health and Feeding the World Well

John Roulac, EcoJustice Radio, regenerative agricultureJohn illuminates the harsh realities of our industrial agricultural practices and presents a compelling case for a regenerative revolution. From the loss of winged insects to the acidification of oceans, he paints a vivid picture of the ecological crisis at hand. We discuss how we can transform degraded lands into flourishing ecosystems, and why sustainable agriculture isn’t enough. Learn about the power of regenerative agriculture to restore biodiversity, improve food security, and heal our planet. John’s message is clear – we must transition now from destructive farming to practices that could save our ecosystems and our personal health.

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John Roulac on Genetically Modified Organisms GMOs

John Roulac: “So in terms of GMO, every GMO that Monsanto sells and their main crops are GMO sugar beets, GMO corn, GMO canola, GMO soy, GMO cotton. And those are, 90% of GMO crops in the world are 95 or those main commodities. They don’t really focus on a lot of others. and every one of those seeds are dipped in neonicotinoid, which is like this bluish green powder. It’s one of the most toxic substances.

John Roulac, regenerative agriculture

“When you actually go to nurseries, it’s in nurseries, in California. So homeowners are planting them unwittingly in their yards and poisoning biodiversity. And so you need to ask your nurseries, does this product have neonicotinoids?

“And there’s bills to regulate it. It tried to get scaled back in New York, but the New York Governor acquiesced to the pesticide industry. And guess who’s the largest, seller of neonicotoids in the world? You know, guess who, Monsanto bought by Bayer. You know, guess who was the original chemical company that made chemicals that were used on humans during World War II in Germany? Bayer. So they have quite the legacy.”


Pharma’s Culture War

Make America’s Rivers Blue Again  –


John Roulac, the founder of Nutiva, sourced and formulated organic superfoods that have generated over $1 billion in retail sales. John is a serial entrepreneur, investor, writer, philanthropist, and the Executive Producer of the Netflix hit film Kiss the Ground, and the latest Common Ground which focuses on regenerative agriculture. Furthermore, John has established six non-profit organizations, including Great Plains Regeneration, Agroforestry Regeneration Communities (ARC), and Forests Forever, showcasing his commitment to environmental and social causes.

Jack Eidt is an urban planner, environmental journalist, and climate organizer, as well as award-winning fiction writer. He is Co-Founder of SoCal 350 Climate Action and Executive Producer of EcoJustice Radio. He is also Founder and Publisher of WilderUtopia, a website dedicated to the question of Earth sustainability, finding society-level solutions to environmental, community, economic, transportation and energy needs.

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Episode 208

Updated 3 March 2024

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