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Going Local: Drought Resilience and Soil Regeneration


EcoJustice RadioJoin Keisha and Casey Ernst of Catalyst BioAmendments to learn practical methods for drought resilience, including soil regeneration through maintaining moisture and storing the water cycle.

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Catalyst Bioamendments

How To Maintain Healthy Soil in a Drought

The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association recently reported that half of the mainland U.S. is currently undergoing drought. The West is experiencing the worst megadrought in 1,200 years, the onset of which began some twenty years ago. Regardless of dire conditions, drought is not a fixed conclusion: it is a sign. A sign of imbalance in our relationships to soil and the water cycle. Drought reflects the consequences of wasteful personal and farming practices, infrastructure that has turned floodplains into farmland, channelized river flows, and climate change, to name a few.

STORY: Healing the World’s Ecosystems with the Soil Food Web

Going Local: Drought Resilience, Storing Rain & Soil Regeneration - EcoJustice Radio

Catalyst BioAmendmentsDrought Resilience and Soil Regeneration

Wasteful irrigation in agriculture is often blamed as a primary culprit of water misuse and abuse. However, in reality, responsibility around water and soil begins at home. The collective actions of many human beings can effectively regenerate soil, nourish microbiology, and stabilize the water cycle as a whole. In this episode, learn what each of us can do locally to become better stewards of water and soil. Transforming concepts of scarcity, shortages, and lack will require all of us to align with rather than against the cycles of nature. Join Keisha and Casey Ernst of Catalyst BioAmendments to learn practical, regenerative approaches that honor water and soil, while mitigating against drought. Individual changes remain the key to catalyzing global change that fosters abundance, balance and restored ecosystems at home.

Keisha and Casey Ernst are microbe farmers with a strong background in permaculture, a love for food forests, and an obsession with microscope adventures. After finding that most commercial compost was void of beneficial life, they founded Catalyst BioAmendments, a biologically focused compost company in Nevada City, CA.

They are founding members of the Sierra Soil Biology Association. A non-profit organization of biology focused soil food web consultants, compost producers, lab techs, and community influencers who promote the regeneration of soil.

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Catalyst BioAmendments

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