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Online Shopping: The Impacts to Air, Land, & Social Justice


EcoJustice RadioThe massive increase in online shopping has major impacts, necessitating a fossil-fueled goods movement industry that pollutes communities and creates warehouse sprawl. EcoJustice Radio talks with the advocates working to electrify the industry.

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Port of Los Angeles Goods Movement

The Amazon Effect: Online Shopping Creates Warehouse Mess

Modern conveniences have real consequences. In order to accommodate the massive increase in online shopping, Big Retailers like Target, Amazon, Walmart, Ikea, have necessitated a fossil-fueled goods movement industry, shipping manufactured goods from abroad into ports on the coasts (like Los Angeles and Long Beach). Via diesel-spewing trucks and trains, products are then transferred to sprawling warehouse projects far inland where real estate is cheaper. One such project we will talk about today (which was recently approved in Southern California) is the size of 700-football-fields. And with this and other projects come significant impacts to the air, land, and human rights.

Our guests today, Dr. Joe Lyou, President & CEO of the Coalition for Clean Air and Commissioner for the California Transportation Commission, and Adrian Martinez, Senior Attorney at Earthjustice, have been working for decades to clean up the air and hold polluters accountable. They speak to how communities have pushed back and demanded solutions from major manufacturers and air quality regulatory agencies and why we must keep moving toward 100% zero emissions transportation.

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Dr. Joe Lyou has worked for more than 30 years to improve public health and environmental conditions in California’s most polluted and disadvantaged communities. Dr. Lyou serves as President and CEO of the Coalition for Clean Air, a state-wide organization dedicated to protecting public health, improving air quality, and preventing climate change. He works with a wide range of stakeholders advocating for effective public policies and clean air technologies.

Adrian Martinez, Senior Attorney at Earthjustice, has been a leader in advancing zero-emissions transportation and clean air policies for nearly two decades. Before Earthjustice, for nine years he worked as a smog and healthy communities attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council. He sits on the board of Communities for a Better Environment and the Climate Change Law Foundation and serves as an adjunct professor of law at the University of California Los Angeles.

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Executive Producer: Jack Eidt
Interview by Carry Kim
Intro by Jessica Aldridge
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Show Created by Mark and JP Morris
Music: Javier Kadry
Episode 107
Image: Coalition for Clean Air

Updated 20 August 2021

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