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Room to Roam: The Importance of Wildlife Connectivity & Crossings


EcoJustice RadioBeth Pratt of the National Wildlife Federation has been championing for years what will become world’s largest urban wildlife crossings, planned for suburban Los Angeles.

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Room to Roam The Importance of Wildlife Connectivity & Crossings - Ep. 126

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The proliferation of suburban sprawl, built where wildlife live and thrive, threatens the safety and genetic diversity of wild animals and plant species. Migrating wildlife of all shapes and sizes must contend with humans driving on the 4.8 million miles of roads in the US, facing the danger of colliding with vehicles.

Beth Pratt, P22

Aside from driving less, one strategy to mitigate these accidents has gained bipartisan acceptance: providing wildlife crossings that facilitate connectivity for a diverse group of species. Not all wildlife crossings are simple bridges or tunnels, and our guest this week has been championing for years what will become the world’s largest urban wildlife crossing, planned for suburban Los Angeles.

Beth Pratt, California Regional Executive Director of National Wildlife Federation, joins us to discuss the importance of connectivity and wildlife crossings. She explains why they are an integral strategy in land and habitat conservation and why preserving biodiversity not only protects wildlife, but also all of us humans!

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Hosted by Jessica Aldridge
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Episode 126
Photo credit: Living Habitats

Updated 18 May 2022

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