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Hear from David Lamfrom, Director of California Desert and National Wildlife programs at the National Parks Conservation Association, who discusses with EcoJustice Radio the particular challenges of protecting and preserving our national parks in the Anthropocene era, including this current stage of global industrialization.

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David Lamfrom recounts the impact of the government shutdown on wildlife in national parks, including the financial cost for the remediation of destruction from unmonitored and unregulated human activity. He discusses the gaps in federal funding that impact conservation efforts. Listen to how we can best support biogeography, diversity and migration patterns of animals and whole ecosystems as we accelerate industrial production of renewable energy infrastructure to scale. David asserts that “empty space” is a myth, and elucidates how we can become more effective and connected stewards of the Earth while we seek alternatives for fossil fuels.

David Lamfrom from serves as the Director of the California Desert and National Wildlife programs for the National Parks Conservation Association, using his passion and knowledge of our natural, cultural and historical resources to inspire others to learn about and protect our national parks. David has extensive experience working with diverse wildlife and agriculture in the fields of: aquaculture, agricultural biology and herpetology. He volunteered time and expertise as a naturalist for the Wildlife Research Team, a non-profit organization who has had tremendous success utilizing non-mechanized mangrove restoration in Biscayne Bay, Florida. As a graduate of New College of Florida, David has had the opportunity to conduct significant study in the fields of ecology, herpetology, foreign languages, Native American studies, and art. Published both as an author and wildlife photographer in several issues of Wild South magazine, David is an avid naturalist, hiker, and photographer who spends his free time exploring wildlife and wilderness.
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Arches National Park

Interview by Carry Kim
Hosted by Jessica Aldridge from SoCal 350 and Adventures in Waste.
Engineers: JP Morris and Blake Lampkin
Executive Producer: Jack Eidt
Show Created by Mark and JP Morris
Music: Javier Kadry
Episode 38

Updated 30 September 2019

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