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Marcus Lopez Senior, member of the Barbareno Chumash Nation in California, speaks with Jack Eidt from SoCal 350 on climate chaos and the impacts on the Chumash people from fires, mudslides, colonization, land theft, gentrification, and offshore drilling. Marcus is also co-host and Executive Producer of American Indian Airwaves on KPFK, one of the oldest running Native American radio shows in the US.

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The Lopez family were directly impacted by the deadly January mudslides in Montecito, near Santa Barbara, following the Thomas Fire, the largest wildfire in California history, that charred almost 300,000 acres and destroyed over 1,000 homes.

Donate to help the Lopez family recover from the tragedy:

Mark Morris give the Words from the Front segment on the protests against the Trump Administration’s move to open up most of the US’s coastlines to offshore drilling.

Image shows a section of US 101 blocked by debris after January’s mudslide in Montecito, California. Credit: Mike Eliason/Santa Barbara County Fire Department/Handout/Reuters

Interview by Jack Eidt from SoCal 350.
Host and Engineer: JP Morris
Executive Producer: Mark Morris

Episode 12

This originally aired February 2, 2018 on KPFK 90.7 FM, Pacifica Radio in Los Angeles.

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  1. Susan Lea

    Alma Lopez, older sister of this Marcus Lopez, received nothing. All of the donations went to Marcus and a young brother. Alma got nothing. Alma was kicked off the property and given nothing and no hope. Not decent and not acceptable.

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