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Rep. Waxman To Deliver Forward on Climate LA Message to the President!


Recently, representatives from Forward on Climate Los Angeles Rally visited Representative Henry Waxman (D – Los Angeles) to present a letter to President Obama calling for immediate action on climate change and the Keystone XL pipeline. Organizations in attendance included Tar Sands Action Southern California, Sierra Club Beyond Coal/My Generation, Citizens Climate Lobby, Idle No More, Miss R*EVOLutionaries, WilderUtopia, Burbank Green Alliance, and Arts:Earth Partnership. Rep. Waxman, a warrior for the environment, promised to deliver the letter and fight for legislation to solve the climate crisis.

Forward on Climate LA, Waxman
Rep. Henry Waxman calls for action on climate change and Keystone at the Feb 17th solidarity rally n Los Angeles.

On February 17, 2013, a coalition of 101 diverse organizations and business and more than 1,200 people, from all over Southern California, marched the streets of downtown Los Angeles for the city’s largest ever climate rally. Those in attendance shouted: “Solve the Climate Crisis! Take a Stand, Mr. President!” NRDC remarked this was the first time in LA History that this many environmentally conscious organizations came together over the issue of climate change.

The Los Angeles demonstration took place in solidarity with the 50,000 people who showed up to the main Forward on Climate Rally in Washington, D.C. and across the US, united in the fight against global climate change.

Recently, community organizers, concerned citizens, and organization representatives visited Congressman Henry Waxman (D – Los Angeles) to thank him for speaking at the February 17th rally. They also presented the letter to President Obama demanding action on climate change, signed by those 101 organizations and businesses that stood in solidarity.

Presented at the LA rally, hundreds of participants then signed a long scroll of paper expressing their support, many of whom took the time to write personal and heartfelt notes. The message of the letter and the signatures is clear: Southern California asks President Obama to take specific and meaningful action to combat Climate Change and reject the Keystone XL Pipeline, which also includes rejecting the current Environmental Impact Statement and declaring the project not in our national best interest.

For the text of the letter, click here.

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They also thanked Rep. Waxman for his decades of leadership and service in protection of the environment and stabilization of the global climate. A brief summary of his impressive environmental record in the Congress:

  • Strengthened the Clean Air Act in 1980s and 90s, approving amendments aimed at reducing urban smog, acid rain and the ozone layer.
  • Introduced the first climate stabilization bill in 1992.
  • Member of Safe Climate Caucus and Ranking Member of the Energy and Commerce Committee.
  • Co-authored American Clean Energy and Security Bill, or Waxman-Markey, in 2009, proposing a carbon emissions trading plan though defeated in the Senate.
  • Formed the Bicameral Task Force on Climate Change with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse to advance legislation.
  • Introduced Carbon Tax legislation 2013 to incentivize clean energy alternatives.
  • Advocated against the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline, including the Northern Route Approval Act, HR 3
SoCal Climate Action Coalition
Members of SoCal Climate Action Coalition presenting the Obama letter to Rep. Waxman.

The group asked that Rep. Waxman advocate for President Obama to reject HR 3, and stop the Northern Route of the Keystone XL by rejecting the current Environmental Impact Statement and declaring the project not in the National Interest. We fully support his legislative efforts toward climate protection and greenhouse gas reduction.


Congressman Henry Waxman speaks to representatives of Forward on Climate LA on ways we can work to solve the climate crisis. Video By Renata Sdao.

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  1. Lauren Steiner

    Let’s not be so laudatory of these politicians. Waxman has said that natural gas obtained by fracking is a necessary bridge fuel. Did anyone at the meeting try to disabuse him of this notion? Methane gas from fracking is a far more potent greenhouse gas than CO2.

    Also, it should be noted that Waxman co-sponsored the bill that is effectively killing off the postal service. I know it doesn’t relate to climate change. But come on, Jack. You’re a journalist. You don’t need to write articles that look like they were written by Waxman’s publicist.–waxman-wiped-out-the-postal-service-issa-subpoena-9c52046d

  2. Jack Eidt

    This is an article on climate and environment, not the postal service.
    Actually, Waxman-Markey did some serious questioning about methods used in fracking, but you are correct that the 2009 bill relied heavily on unconventional natural gas to meet CO2 targets. Yet, in a world where oil industry lobbyists and fossil-fuel barons like the Kochs rule the show, Rep Waxman has shown exemplary courage in proposing legislation to protect the environment and climate. It has never been perfect, because perfect will not pass any House or Senate in this country any time soon.

    We need to support and encourage politicians when they step away from the oil economy, because it is a rare instance. The next climate bill hopefully will be much more informed of the impacts of hydraulic fracturing, reducing the mistaken notion of natural gas as a bridge fuel. Yet, most studies I have seen that envision a world dominated by clean renewables, done by Stanford and the Rocky Mountain Institute, see some role for natural gas. To the extent that we can ban the practice of fracking, this would leave whatever conventional natural gas left over to fill that role. By approving regulations on the remediation of natural gas wells, the leaking methane problem can be significantly reduced.

    Of course, we will never deal with the methane leaking from natural gas pipelines across the world.

    In the end, politics leaves only a little room for idealism, and compromises must be made. When you add up the politicians we have, Congressman Waxman rates very high.

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