San Onofre Nuke Plant: When the Bottom Line Pushes Us Over the Cliff – By Jerry Collamer

San Onofre Nuclear Plant Threatens to Blow
What’s it going to take to have Edison admit its deadly addiction to nuclear threatens millions and mothball San Onofre for good?

It’s called addiction, when the thing we can’t give up finally kills us.

A life of living too dangerously. One final step too far, and oops – over the cliff.

Headlines remind us, overindulgence is always a killer recipe. Do we have a built in greed-gene coaxing us on – enough is never enough? The US Supreme court ruled corporations are people too, so when it comes to our greed-gene, corporations are not immune. A local corporate example of the greed-gene fully metastasized is Southern California Edison. They can’t give up their addiction to San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station’s (SONGS) killer nuclear potential. A troubled nuke site approaching 3-strikes you’re out.

Reactors 1 & 3 are history, but Edison can’t give up on #2, yet. What’s it going to take to have Edison admit its deadly addiction to nuclear, and mothball SONGS forever, before its thunder domes of molten uranium go over the cliff and 8-million citizens suffer the horrific, eternal consequences?

It’s proven, SONGS is the power we do not need – ever. Or, do we deny reality, and go over the cliff? Because that’s where Edison stands – at the brink.

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