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Trace Amounts: Vaccines, Mercury-Toxicity, and Autism


A landmark documentary on mercury toxicity from vaccines provides a compelling counterpoint to California’s move to join Mississippi and West Virginia in abolishing the personal and religious exemptions to vaccination of every child before they reach the age of five.

vaccine safety, Edward Jenner
“The Cow-Pock or the Wonderful Effects of the New Inoculation!” by James Gillray was published in England in 1802 by the Anti-Vaccine Society. The etching, which shows smallpox vaccine inventor Edward Jenner among patients in the Small Pox and Inoculation Hospital at St Pancras (London), suggests the transformation into cows of individuals vaccinated by Jenner. Reproduced with permission from The Wellcome Library, London.

Trace Amounts: The Documentary The CDC Doesn’t Want You To See

By Anna Rodgers, Excerpted from the Article Published in Collective Evolution

During the past two decades, the diagnosis of autism occurring in children has risen dramatically from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 68 and our scientific community is no closer to determining a cause. But one thing they automatically do is emphatically deny a possible link between autism cases and something found in our vaccines.

Vaccination at its core is neither a safe nor an effective method of disease prevention.  — Tetyana Obukhanych, Immunologist, Open Letter to Legislators Considering Vaccines


Trace Amounts [see trailer here], released April 2015, documents the true story of Eric Gladen’s painful journey through mercury poisoning that he believes resulted from a thimerosal-loaded tetanus shot. At the age of 29, he became diagnosed as an adult with autism-like symptoms. His experience spurred him on an urgent quest for the truth about the role of mercury poisoning in the Autism epidemic.

While the medical and scientific community — who follow direct orders from the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) — pointblank refuses to admit that there is a link between mercury toxicity and autism. This film exposes some incriminating evidence that they are actually very aware of its ability to trigger autism.

Many scientific studies have proven that mercury toxicity can cause the exact same symptoms as autism — so you can bet the CDC simply does not want you to see this film. With billions of dollars at stake –and a reputation built on the public’s trust — the CDC can’t afford to have you find out what is happening.

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Lecture on vaccines and health FULL PART ONE

Dr. Suzanne Humphries Lecture on vaccines and health

“From a cellular perspective, it would appear that the existing scientific literature supports the biological plausibility of a Hg-based autism pathogenesis.” – ‘The Plausibility of Mercury in the Etiology of Autism’, M. Garrecht & D.W. Austin, 2011.

“To summarize, of the 58 empirical reports on autism and heavy metal toxins, 43 suggest some link may be present, while 13 reports found no link. Even with the tendency for null results not to be reported, it cannot be said there is no evidence for a link between heavy metal toxins and autism: although the question may still be open-in sum, the evidence favors a link.”  — DeSoto and Hitlanby; Acta Neurobiol Exp. v70, p165-176, 2010 (An objective review of the primary research, full pdf here)

Can a Vaccine Ruin Your Health?

Eric and the film’s other director, Shiloh Levine, traveled around the USA interviewing scientists, reporters, doctors, and various experts about thimerosal in our vaccines. Eric specifically wanted to know: was his thimerosal-loaded Tetanus vaccine the sole cause of his massive decline in health?

After receiving the vaccine back in 2004 Eric’s physical and mental health quickly went into a terrible downward spiral; he realized he was incredibly sensitive to noise and to light, he hallucinated and had trouble sleeping. He also could not keep still, was shaking regularly and he became extremely anxious.

Eric had gone from being a healthy, fully functioning adult, to an adult with symptoms like that of autism. Could it be the exact same concern many parents also have? That the thimerosal in the vaccines was the main cause of their children’s decline in health

A recent study done in Ontario, Canada, established that vaccination actually leads to an emergency room visit for 1 in 168 children following their 12-month vaccination appointment and for 1 in 730 children following their 18-month vaccination appointment  — PLoS One

What Trace Amounts Exposes

This 94 minute film considers the following:

  • Thimerosal’s dark history
  • Why it was removed from pet vaccines, but not removed from human vaccines
  • Eli Lilly’s ‘safety study’ of thimerosal – 22 people with meningitis had injections of thimeresol; 22 died most within a day of receiving the injection; despite this, Eli Lilly concluded that thimerosal had a ‘very low toxicity for humans’
  • Mercury is the second most toxic substance to humans, second to plutonium
  • EPA states that 2 ppb is the maximum safe level for drinking water; 200 ppb found in water (e.g. a lake or swimming pool) would be classified as hazardous waste; in most vaccines containing thimerosal there is an amount of 50,000 ppb.
  • Despite CDC saying mercury has been removed from vaccines, thimerosal is still found in flu, meningitis and tetanus vaccines
  • Most vaccines for third-world countries still contain thimerosal
  • The synergistic toxicity with mercury- and aluminium-containing vaccines is exponentially more harmful to humans
  • Thimerosal was studied back in the 1940’s for it’s efficiency as an antibacterial preservative – it was proven to be poor and neurotoxic – Eli Lilly were told of about this, but did nothing
  • Other studies showed that mice were killed when injected with vaccines containing thimerosal; Eli Lilly did nothing
  • Thimerosal does not need to be used in single vaccines, only in the multi-dose shots
  • Dr. Andrew Wakefield in his Lancet study only ever hinted at a link and suggested the use of single vaccines till further evidence was made conclusive; many studies from around the world have now replicated and proven his theory
  • The Homeland Security Act was secretly brought in to protect Eli Lilly and other vaccine companies from being sued for any problems related to thimerosal or any other ingredients found in vaccinations
  • Autism can be successfully treated with chelation therapy, nutritional supplements, and dietary changes, often leading to the diagnosis eventually being “removed”
  • The concerning amounts of mercury found in our environment from coal plants
  • Energy saving lightbulbs are a mercury health hazard

“I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.” – William Thompson PhD Co- Author of CDC studies carried out to ‘prove’ the link between vaccines and autism was unfounded.

CDC Chief Admits That Vaccines Can Result in Autism Symptoms

“Now, we all know that vaccines can occasionally cause fevers in kids. So if a child was immunized, got a fever, had other complications from the vaccines. And if you’re predisposed with the mitochondrial disorder, it can certainly set off some damage. Some of the symptoms can be symptoms that have characteristics of autism.”Julie Gerberding, present head of Merck’s vaccine division speaking to Sanjay Gupta of CNN when she was still head of the CDC. This was regarding the Hannah Poling case where a court awarded her family damages concluding that her vaccines did cause her autism.

Further Reading

The producers of this film have put up videos and links to many of the studies mentioned which will enable you to take a further look into this controversial issue and decide for yourself: is thimerosal causing autism?

Thimerosal Safety data

History of Thimerosal

More about Thimerosal

86 Research Papers Supporting the Vaccine/Autism Link

If you wish to still vaccinate please ask your Doctor for Thimerosal-free shots.

For the full article, see Collective Evolution.

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