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Ethnobotany, Cultural Fire, and Indigenous Stewardship with Payoomkawish Elder Richard Bugbee

Hear Payoomkawish (Juaneño/Luiseño) Elder Richard Bugbee share insights from his decades of studying the way of plants. He emphasizes the importance of reclaiming our ways of seeing, being and understanding the world by reclaiming Native languages and observing the world more closely. Enjoy provocative insights from an elder who has devoted his lifetime to the study of plants and their uses, the reclamation of language, and the practice of material culture. 

Compostable Foodware
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The Truth About Compostable Packaging

Are you confused about compostable packaging, like is it truly compostable or are we being bamboozled by marketing? Are there  environmental concerns that haven’t been considered? And how can compostable packaging assist in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. What about reusables? Check out the interview with Erin Levine from World Centric.