Big Band drummer, jazz, Gene Krupa

Big Noise from Big Band Drummer Gene Krupa


Gene Krupa (1909 – 1973) pioneered orchestral jazz and Big Band from the flamboyant drum side, pounding tom-toms, high hats, and cymbals through the 30s, 40s, and 50s, as one of the most remarkable percussionists out there. 

Gene Krupa-Big Noise From Winnetka

Gene Krupa Quartet performing an awesome version of ‘Big Noise From Winnetka‘.

Rolling Stone: Krupa’s flailing attack, four-on-the-floor bass-drum tattoo and manically funky cowbell work – influenced by New Orleans drummers Baby Dodds and Zutty Singleton – drove Benny Goodman’s innovative Thirties big band to new heights and in the process inspired a generation of future rock giants, including Keith Moon and John Bonham.

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Big Band drummer, jazz, Gene KrupaAlong with Buddy Rich, his opponent in epic drum battles that inspired today’s “Gospel Chops” drum videos, Krupa is the godfather of drum-set artistry as sport and spectacle. The still-thriving tradition of the showstopping, arena-scale drummer star turn, from Bonham’s “Moby Dick” to Peart’s “The Rhythm Method,” is unthinkable without him.

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Sing Sing Sing - Carnegie Hall 1938

Benny Goodman – Sing Sing Sing from Carnegie Hall 1938, with Gene Krupa on drums.

In December 1934, Gene Krupa joined Benny Goodman’s band, where his featured drum work made him a national celebrity. His tom-tom interludes (with their tuneable top and bottom heads) on their hit “Sing, Sing, Sing” were the first extended drum solos to be recorded commercially.

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Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich Famous Drum Battle

Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich Famous Drum Battle on the Sammy Davis Jr. Show

jazz: DRUMMER MAN (1947) - Gene Krupa goes nuts

DRUMMER MAN (1947) – Gene Krupa with his Jazz Trio and with his Orchestra; Carolyn Grey, vocal; Jeanne Blanche, taps.

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