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Speaking in Sonic Tongues – dublab’s DJ Nanny Cantaloupe


dublab innovates music, arts and culture with it’s freeform internet radio broadcasts in an age where access to mind-bending creation is both limited and expanded. Premiere sonic explorer, Mitchell Brown <<DJ Nanny Cantaloupe>> pioneered the movement with his ambient-abstraction-universe-sampling mix-match radio show “Glossolalia.”

Nanny Cantaloupe — dublab's 24th Anniversary

Glossolalia: the phenomenon of (apparently) speaking in an unknown language, especially in religious worship. It is practiced mostly by Pentecostal and charismatic Christians.

From dublab: Among other things, Los Angeles native Nanny Cantaloupe (aka Mitchell Brown, formerly known as “The Professor”) is a DJ on KXLU and Dublab, a music label owner (Melon Expander) and an assistant to mentally and physically alternatively-abled children. As a sound artist/musician he improvises and composes using analog electronics, magnetic tape manipulation, electro-acoustics and percussion, among other things.

Tuning into [dublab’s] Dubstream at any given time is a music lover’s dream: a wellspring of exotic sounds cycling through Krautrock, psych of all eras, new electronica, heavy beats, obscure funk and soul, bare-bones folk, Latin gems, ethereal stuff and underground rap (to name a few) — a mercurial set that [dublab head Mark “Frosty”] McNeill dubbed “future roots music,” which implies “something that allows for expansion.”  — L.A. Weekly

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Cantaloupe’s artistic sensibilities can sometimes be related to the various natural psychological and physiological states one can channel when casting aside social judgments in favor of a more solipsistic approach to the human senses. Seemingly foreign inner landscapes can become a familiar canvas upon which feelings, perceptions and sounds without common descriptions by established verbal languages, can flourish transcendentally.

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Glossolalia - KXLU Sessions - Feb. 1st 2012 - Part 1 of 6 - Brought to you by MangleMorph

“Glosssolalia” is a KXLU Los Angeles Radio show hosted by Don Bolles (the Germs, 45 Grave, Celebrity Skin, Fancy Space People) and “The Professor” (Nanny Cantaloupe) bringing you an hour soundscape that must be experienced.

And sometimes Cantaloupe just makes people boogie and/or scratch their heads to his esoteric record collection. Current musical projects include Golden Hits (with fellow labrats Frosty, Jimmy Tamborello, Katie Byron & Ben Knight), Fancy Space People, Brain Sucking Peanunanners (founded with children), Points of Friction and collaborations with Joseph Hammer, Matthewdavid and Hymnal, among many others.

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Nanny Cantaloupe – Perplexagon: Contractile Vacuoles DJ Mix Includes:

Glossolalia, dublab, Nanny Cantaloupe
Contractile vacuoles. From Nanny Cantaloupe, Perplexagon, on dublab internet radio.

Frank Harris Productions – Kool Cigarettes commercial
Johnny Frigo – Afro American Jazz Rhythms: Peace
Krzysztof Penderecki – Fluorescences
Sana Shenai – Untitled (unedited rough mix excerpt)
Jan Boerman – De Zee (excerpt)
Bruno Menny – Cosmos (excerpt)
Mauro Bortolotti & Walter Branchi – Paesaggi Intravisti – Parte seconda (excerpt)
Denis Smalley – Vortex
Andrew Cyrille – Rhythmical Space
Mauro Bortolotti & Walter Branchi – Paesaggi Intravisti – Parte prima (excerpt)
Nanny Cantaloupe & Don Bolles – Glossolalia Collage 4.25.16 (excerpt)
Asmus Tietchens – Ptomaine, untitled track
Giancarlo Toniutti – zitternde Luft
Canada Jeux Vocaux Des Inuit (excerpt)
Giancarlo Toniutti – Wandnarbe
Tony Conrad with Faust – The Death of the Composer was in 1962
Barnes & Barnes – Cemetery Girls
Gerechtigkeits Liga – The Games Must Go On
Personable – New Lines #1
Nanny Cantaloupe & Don Bolles – Glossolalia Collage 4.25.16 (excerpt)
Grauzone – Maikaefer Flieg
Marc Barreca – Oleo Strut
Jean Michel Hervé – Dark Basements
The Makers – Don’t Challenge Me
Noah Creshevsky – Celebration (excerpt)
Leonard Emanuel – Old Georgie Buck
Eric Siday – Come In
Les Crane – A Different Drummer
Giancarlo Toniutti & Conrad Schnitzler – Cjaldîr … aìne (excerpt)
K. Leimer – Natural History
Ginni Clemmens – Colors
Alison Knowles – Mantra for Jessie

Updated 13 February 2024

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