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Government to Take Over Fukushima?


WilderUtopia, logoReported today: Japan’s Govt. might take over running their country’s private sector nuclear business. At least in the short term, as power losses to industry cripples Japan’s private sector output. Apparently, Japan’s nuke’s company is a mess since the tsunami meltdown – unable to handle getting things back in working order (Its CEO went into hiding).

Idea being: Govt. enforces short term (3 to 4 hour a day) power outrages to factories, instead of letting Japan’s industrial base suffer full blackouts, which is the threat if Govt. doesn’t act to keep productivity flowing.

Obviously Japan’s all-eggs-in-one-basket nuclear electricity supplier met its Peter Principle.  Murphy’s Law melted it, sending in big-bad Govt. to the rescue – again.

Brings me to my 20% Solution here in the US. If we add 20% additional solar and wind to our nation’s grid, immediately, (hello roof tops) – it would back-stop nuke-outages when they happen. With our oldie-moldie nuke-plants, many beyond their decommission dates, an easy to achieve safe & sane solar renaissance NOW would be a life saver. Literally.

As for sunny Cal / San Onofre (SONGS) and Diablo Canyon: both at their decommission end-times, adding 10% to 15% solar to SoCal “roofs” eliminates their threat – or the need to have them.

Nuke power generation gone wrong can end everything. While simple, safe, solar on our roofs generates everything good. Not counting the gazillion jobs it would produce.

So what’s holding us back? BIG ELECTRIC, as they lobby away our safe & sane energy future. It doesn’t have to be this way. Especially here, in SUNNY Cal.

jerry collamer

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