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EcoJustice RadioErik Ohlsen is the director of the Permaculture Skills Center, a vocational training school that offers advanced education in ecological design, landscaping, farming, and land stewardship and Regeneration. Creator of the the Eco-Landscape Mastery School online training program, Erik is also founder of Permaculture Artisans which specializes in design and installation of ecological landscapes and farms throughout California. Carry Kim interviews him on EcoJustice Radio.

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permacvulture, ecological garden
Erik Ohlsen of Permaculture Artisans talks about his permaculture garden. At just 1/3 of an acre it’s packed with both edibles and wildlife beneficial plants. The property is consciously designed to address issues of food security, environmental degradation, water scarcity and more. From Permaculture Artisans

Ecosystem and Landscape Regeneration with Erik Ohlsen

An internationally renowned, certified permaculture designer and practitioner, Erik Ohlsen has taught regeneration through ecological landscape design and implementation to thousands of students and clients around the world since 1999. He has special expertise in water harvesting systems, food forest design, and community organizing. His primary goal is helping people connect deeply with nature and themselves. He resides in Sebastopol, California with his wife Lauren, raising a family, building a homestead and running their businesses.

STORY: Permaculture: Land-Based System of Human Rewilding


Interview by Carry Kim
Produced by Mark Morris
Engineering and co-host J.P. Morris
Ep. 27

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Erik Ohlsen's Suburban Permaculture Garden Tour

Erik Ohlsen’s Suburban Permaculture Garden Tour

Updated 24 June 2019

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