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Alejandro Carrillo
EcoJustice Radio, Permaculture

Restoring Grasslands & Rainfall in the Desert with Alejandro Carrillo

In this enlightening conversation with Alejandro Carrillo, learn about the Grasslands Regeneration Project and how it’s transforming once-barren deserts into vibrant grasslands. Alejandro shares his passion for regenerative ranching and the principles that guide his work, including mimicking natural processes and promoting biodiversity.

Geogg Dalglish, Walking Water, Rajendra Singh
Spiritual, Sustainability

Walking Water: Eastern Sierra Pilgrimage of Healing the Drought

Alexis Slutzky tells the story of a September 2015 pilgrimage through California’s Owens Valley, called Walking Water. This first phase of a much longer journey began at Mono Lake and ended 180 miles south at Owens Dry Lake. For 100 years, Los Angeles has piped water from there over 300 miles further south to sustain the city, draining ancient lakes and groundwater, destroying natural water systems. In the fourth year of an historic drought, Walking Water seeks to create a new narrative regarding this life-giving resource, investigating our common and often conflicting needs, and learning how to live within our means.