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Alejandro Carrillo
EcoJustice Radio, Permaculture

Restoring Grasslands & Rainfall in the Desert with Alejandro Carrillo

In this enlightening conversation with Alejandro Carrillo, learn about the Grasslands Regeneration Project and how it’s transforming once-barren deserts into vibrant grasslands. Alejandro shares his passion for regenerative ranching and the principles that guide his work, including mimicking natural processes and promoting biodiversity.

wolves, Washington

Killing Washington’s Protected Wolves for Rancher’s Bottom Line

Washington State’s move to extirpate an entire pack of wolves near the Canadian border for the infraction of killing a few alien domestic cattle grazing public lands is reprehensible. That wildlife agencies would kill any wolves to benefit the profit margin of private businesses utilizing public resources is an outrage. George Wuerthner writes how the tragedy of this slaughter of wild predators repeats itself over and over throughout the West.