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John Beard, Port Arthur Texas
EcoJustice Radio

Port Arthur Texas: Community Resistance vs. the Climate Change Nexus with John Beard


John Beard Jr., of Port Arthur Community Action Network, is mobilizing the Gulf Coast for health and safety protections on the oil and gas industry that has caused high levels of illness and risk for accidents from industrial facilities located near residents and vulnerable ecosystems, all subject to major impacts from climate-change-fueled hurricanes and floods.

Gary McKinney, Thacker Pass
EcoJustice Radio

Life Over Lithium: Protecting the Sacred Site Peehee Mu’huh (Thacker Pass)


Gary McKinney, Spokesman for The People of Red Mountain and Lead Scout for the American Indian Movement-Northeast Nevada, reveals to EcoJustice Radio the true cost of lithium and what we might do to protect the Northern Paiute & Western Shoshone sacred site of Peehee Mu’huh to ensure Indigenous peoples and their legacies are not irreparably harmed by the world’s growing hunger for lithium.

David Newsom, Wild Yards Project
EcoJustice Radio

The Wild Yards Project: Transforming Lawns into Biodiverse Habitats


Hear David Newsom of the Wild Yards Project share about the rewards and challenges of re-creating urban and suburban cultivated spaces into abundant, biodiverse, resilient and equitable spaces with native plants. Wild Yards Project is inspiring globally, transforming built-spaces locally, and providing resources for people worldwide to begin where they are in restoring and healing the lands where they live.