Indigenous Regeneration: Remembering the Past to Inspire the Future


EcoJustice RadioRegenerative Agriculture gains momentum globally as Indigenous communities in California reconnect with the land and food sovereignty. EcoJustice Radio spoke with Lacey Cannon on Indigenous Re-Generation about her farming work with the California Native communities.

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Indigenous Regeneration, KumeyaayRegeneration continues to gain momentum globally as more human beings awaken to the urgent state of the planet. A clear choice lies before us to either unite and reconnect to the lands, waters, relatives and Ancestors, or face greater peril physically, socially, economically and spiritually. Many people say we are all “indigenous” to somewhere. The times demand that we find out how to belong to the land once again.

On this show we talk with Lacey Cannon, Founder and Executive Director of Indigenous Re-Generation, based out of San Diego County, California. Her organization works with Native communities to achieve re-indigenization and true Tribal sovereignty through a re-generative approach to food cultivation, medicinal farming, lifestyle and culture, and eco-village education programs.

Listen to Lacey Cannon share how Indigenous Regeneration is dreaming in the future by empowering the present.
Lacey Cannon is from The Cherokee Nation and is the founder and Executive Director for Indigenous Re-generation. Lacey was married into the Waipuk Clan on the San Pasqual Reservation of the Kumeyaay Nation for 17 years and has 2 Kumeyaay sons from the Clan. Lacey has overseen and designed 17 acres of educational land restoration projects on the San Pasqual Indian Reservation.

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Her regenerative design work with Payomkowishum Elder Richard Bugbee in a featured exhibit at The Museum of Design in Atlanta Georgia through Summer 2022. He was featured on EcoJustice Radio in July of 2022.

Ethnobotany, Cultural Fire, and Indigenous Stewardship with Payoomkawish Elder Richard Bugbee

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Hosted by Carry Kim
Intro by Jessica Aldridge
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Executive Producer: Jack Eidt
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Episode 134
Photo credit: Indigenous Re-generation

Indigenous Regeneration: Remembering the Past to Inspire the Future - EcoJustice Radio

Updated 11 July 2022

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