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Massive climate disruption continues to strike all over the world, one disaster after another, droughts, wildfires, typhoons, mega-floods, with glaciers melting and methane escaping from deep under the permafrost. The UN IPCC said we have 12 more years to stabilize greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere to avoid runaway climate change. We need solutions to this problem to spark a climate revolution. Jessica Aldridge speaks with NASA climate scientist and author Peter Kalmus and Sam Berndt also a scientist and a coordinator of the Sunrise Movement Los Angeles.

Peter Kalmus, climate scientist, wrote the book Being the Change, Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution.

From the Personal Carbon Footprint to a Green New Deal

Peter Kalmus is author of the book ‘Being the Change: Live Well and Spark A Climate Revolution’. He is a scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and he is speaking on his own behalf. Peter’s main research interests are cloud physics and ecological forecasting. He’s the recipient of NASA’s Early Career Achievement medal and he makes an effort to avoid burning fossil fuel, in order to shift the culture and pave the way for policy-level change. He lives on about a tenth the fossil fuel of the average US resident, and he enjoys it!
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Sam Berndt is an Engineer and the Coordinator for the Sunrise Los Angeles Hub. Sam recently moved from Michigan to LA in order to pursue his dream job as a software engineer at JPL. He is also speaking on his own behalf. When he heard of a direct action at Nancy Pelosi’s DC office demanding a Green New Deal, he was inspired to take his own action and help found and organize the Sunrise Los Angeles hub.
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Interview by Jessica Aldridge from SoCal 350 and Adventures in Waste.
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Episode 29

Updated 22 December 2023

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