Regenerative Agriculture
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Sow A Heart Farm: Regeneration and Rethinking Food Systems


EcoJustice RadioBy increasing biodiversity, integrating animals, organic regenerative farming creates healthy soil that keeps water and carbon in the ground. Check out this interview with Mollie Engelhart from Sow a Heart Farm on her journey from vegan chef to regenerative farmer.

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Regenerative Agriculture

Sow A Heart: Regenerative Farming for Sovereignty & Resilient Food Systems

Some 12,000 years ago, our ancestors in the Fertile Crescent turned from being hunter-gatherers to farming. Today, agriculture consumes one-third of global land use and food production creates roughly15% of global greenhouse gas emissions. We have become dependent upon farming; and how we choose to farm now, will surely determine the future of humanity.

By increasing biodiversity through using cover crops, integrating wild and domesticated animals, and minimizing or eliminating tillage, Regenerative Farming creates healthy soil that keeps water and carbon in the ground as part of their natural cycles. Our guest, Chef Mollie Engelhart of Sage Plant Based Bistro & Brewery, Sow a Heart Farm, and the regenerative farming organization, Kiss the Ground, joined us to relate her experience starting as a chef and restaurant owner to running her own farm.

By supporting food production biologically without toxic chemicals, Regenerative Agriculture serves the ecosystem and the health of all living things. Some assert it can reverse climate change which is no surprise to those who understand soil and its vital importance to planetary health. The Regenerative Organic Alliance has a motto: Farm like the world depends on it.

*Mollie Engelhart is an organic vegan chef from Los Angeles who founded Sage Plant Based Bistro that became committed to managing the organic waste from her restaurant so she started her own regenerative farm called Sow a Heart. Mollie recently purchased a 200 acre ranch in Bandera, Texas, to continue her commitment to food sovereignty and create community around resilient local food systems.

*Carry Kim, Co-Host of EcoJustice Radio. An advocate for ecosystem restoration, indigenous lifeways, and a new humanity born of connection and compassion, she is a long-time volunteer for SoCal350, member of Ecosystem Restoration Camps, and a co-founder of the Soil Sponge Collective, a grassroots community organization dedicated to big and small scale regeneration of Mother Earth.

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Executive Producer: Jack Eidt
Hosted by Carry Kim
Intro by Jessica Aldridge
Engineer and Original Music: Blake Quake Beats

Episode 152
Photo credit: Sow A Heart Farm

Interview Posted 24 October 2022, Updated 26 October 2022

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  1. This is a wonderful episode. Passionate, informative, convincing.

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