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Slamdance Unstoppable: Disability, Justice, & Climate in Film


EcoJustice RadioEcoJustice Radio talks with Juliet Romeo and Taylor Miller from Slamdance Unstoppable Film Festival, promoting disability and diversity inclusion in film.

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Slamdance Unstoppable Film Fest Creating a Platform for Disability in Film

According to the World Bank, 15% of the world population is disabled (which is nearly 1 billion people).

During times of crisis such as climate change intensified storms, droughts, and fire or conflict driven migration issues, those with disabilities can lack accessibility and have some of the greatest challenges to evacuation, adaptation, and financial and structural needs. Many times the needs of non-disabled people are prioritized, leaving the disabled community the last to be considered.

Long before factoring in the challenges of climate change adaptation, there exists a heightened vulnerability for disabled people, in particular among communities of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

In  environmental and social justice movements, when advocacy and solutions do not consider the needs of the disabled community, or those with disabilities are not invited to be at the table, those are not inclusive or just solutions.

Our guests today are both filmmakers who have helped create the The Slamdance Unstoppable Film Festival, which promotes disability and diversity inclusion in film. We welcome Juliet Romeo, disability advocate and Founder of Media Jules Production and Slamdance Unstoppable, and Taylor Miller, Festival Manager of Slamdance Unstoppable and Slamdance Miami.

Slamdance Unstoppable

Juliet Romeo is an award winning documentarian and disability advocate. She is also the founder of the Unstoppable program for disability and diversity inclusion in films. Her most recent documentary Art of Warriors; about how Covid 19 affects the sickle cell community, premiered on PBS.

Taylor Miller is an award winning documentary photographer and filmmaker. She studied for her PhD in Communications at the European Graduate School. She is a co-founder and manager of Slamdance Unstoppable and Slamdance Miami. Miller spent 2.5 years as the Director of Photography with Harbor Heights Entertainment filming a docu-series on the city of Detroit. Her work on the series led to an invitation to speak at Google about THIS IS DETROIT which will be released in 2021.

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Updated 13 October 2021

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