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Collamer: Foreclosing on Nature


The human commodification of nature often overlooks small, seeming inconsequential values, someday leading to the earth’s foreclosure and unavoidable eviction.

The Earth’s Commodification Has Consequence

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  1. The Green Fairy

    The tree is crying and dying, the birds are suddenly homeless: will this be our fate, too, if we do not change our destructive behavior?
    This poignant article drives home the fact that we have nowhere else to go. If we trash our habitat, then we are the next of the endangered species along with the rest of the Earth.
    We are overwhelmed by the sheer scale of how big the environmental problems are. We feel powerless, but there is hope. Each one of us has the power and the ability within reach to do our share to not only save many species of the earth from extinction, but prevent our own extinction as well.
    It is easy to do, just by doing a few simple things to change our lifestyle to become more sustainable. Recycling helps, as does reuse and reducing wastes. In fact adapting Zero Waste goals are a great start. Moreover, reducing consumption and especially over-consumption, before we even make purchases is critical. Reducing the use of toxic products is also very necessary, though not a total solution, it still contributes greatly toward the solution.
    It is the simple act of having mindfulness with every decision that we make: from making everyday food choices to deciding where and how we will live. It is a fine-tuning of our lives that can cause a dramatic change for the better for all of us. We are empowered. We can change the world for the better, each and everyone of us. Just think: if each one of us were pennies in a ten billion dollar bank account, then we all add up. All of us, though we are individual pennies, are important. Like the pennies, all of our behaviors on this planet of nearly ten billion people are like those pennies that all add up to thousands, millions, and billions in that bank account that we call Planet Earth. Don’t overdraw upon your environmental account! Be responsible and sustainable. Your very life depends upon it. If we loose our Earth Home, then we have no other place to go. Don’t close out your Earth Bank Account. Learn how to do more to help protect your habitat and save the Human Species from extinction along with the rest of the planet from extinction as well!
    Refuse to engage in over-consumption.
    Reduce Reuse Recycle and UP-Cycle!

  2. Thank you so much, Green Fairy, for your thoughtful comment. Words to live by…

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