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‘Zonie Goof Darkens Southwest, and More… By Jerry Collamer


…And San Onofre Nuclear Plant Goes Blip…off.

A zonie-tech aka Arizona electrical technician, either flipped the wrong switch, pulled the wrong plug, cross-wired his (or her) motherboard, spilled coffee onto his (or her) control panel, backed his (or her) desk chair into a stack of computing hard-drives, or accidently poked his (or her) phillips head screwdriver into the wrong port, shorting out a huge chunk of SoCal, and Baja, and 1-nuke plant. Stop laughing. It just happened.

Arizona Electrical Technicial Proves Nuclear Not Necessary
SONGs Zonie-Tech Blackens Southwest By Jerry Collamer

It wasn’t a terrorist plot, or dive bombing sea gulls. Not an earthquake, or tsunami. Just one zonie-tech, screwing up big time. This is why a growing number of citizens (especially since Fukushima) throughout SoCal, and most certainly us living near SONGS’ (San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station’s faulty-towers) aged plant, know better than we know anything: it only takes one human goof, to upset a nuclear reactor’s apple cart. Just one.

The good news: when power went, SONGS shut itself down automatically. Which is paradoxically thought provoking, and ironic. One zonie-tech, 600-miles from San Clemente accomplished in 1-second, what hardworking anti-nuke SC-residents have not achieved in 35-years playing nice with our deaf & dangerous nuke industry – and or, what SC-residents have been demanding (since Fukushima) at every city council meeting – “SHUT SONGS NOW! Before it’s too late,” when suddenly our prayers were answered. One human-oops darkened 6-million lives and one ol’nuker with the flip of the wrong switch 600-miles away. Sept 11th is just around the corner. It too, came flying in on a picture perfect, late-summer morning.

Omen? Coincidence? A heads up? Or a clear message: It doesn’t take much, and certainly not a genius, to squelch a nuke plant. So here’s an idea: Let’s NOT start SONGS up! Let sleeping dogs lie.

What purpose does SONGS’ puny 7.5% electrical output serve anyway? It didn’t keep us from blacking out. It blacked-out too. SONGS isn’t even a reliable back-up power source when we need one. One haphazard zonie-tech proved, we can live without SONGS. Our lights are back on, but SONGS is off. Let’s keep it that way.

So thank YOU, accident prone zonie-tech, for proving SONGS is wholly unnecessary in our busy lives. San Clemente to World: “Are you listening?”

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