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Is Nuclear Waste at San Onofre Safe?


San Onofre Nuclear Plant in Southern California is being decommissioned, leaving a massive amount of spent nuclear waste to be stored in dry casks on the beach. But is this a safe place? Are these safe casks? EcoJustice Radio investigates with Torgen Johnson, an activist and urban planner from San Diego.

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Nuclear Waste protest San Diego
Protest at San Onofre. Photo Courtesy of San Diego Reader.

Nuclear Waste on the Beach Saga Continues – EcoJustice Radio

Hear urban planner and anti-nuclear activist Torgen Johnson present information regarding the stranded nuclear waste situation at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station located at the northern end of San Diego County. Torgen discusses with co-host Carry Kim the inherent dangers and risks to the public and surrounding communities, the involvement of Congressman Mike Levin’s task force, and what the public can do to reduce those risks.

Additionally, learn about potential impacts to indigenous communities in New Mexico that could be imposed by the Holtec International C.I.S. waste plan. The nuclear waste issue at San Onofre presents the largest and most complex decommissioning of a nuclear power plant in the U.S. and will undoubtedly set a precedent of how we do or do not prioritize the public’s safety regarding the containment and location of the waste on a national level.

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Torgen Johnson holds a professional degree in Architecture from the University of Southern California, and two Masters degrees in Urban Design and large Landscape Planning from Harvard University. He is the founder of Johnson Design in Solana Beach and formerly Paradigm Design in the U.S. Virgin Islands, both of which are multi-disciplinary design firms with services in urban design, urban planning, community-based planning, landscape design, and architecture. More recently Mr. Johnson has become involved in energy issues related to nuclear power in California, with outreach to Japan and the Northeastern U.S. He resides in Solana Beach with his wife and their four children.

Nuclear Waste at San Onofre, EcoJustice Radio

Interview by Carry Kim
Hosted by Jessica Aldridge
Engineer: Blake Lampkin
Executive Producer: Jack Eidt
Show Created by Mark and JP Morris
Music: Javier Kadry
Episode 56

Updated 19 March 2020

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