tar sands oil protest, keystone xl
Tar Sands

Tar Sands – Keystone XL Pipeline Activist Resources


Tar Sands Activist Resources

As the Tar Sands Oil Mining and the associated Keystone XL and Northern Gateway Pipelines push forward, education and collaboration are necessary to stop these destructive projects and demand a sustainable and clean energy policy today.

tar sands oil protest, keystone xl

How To Get Involved

1. Join us on Sunday, February 17th, for the largest climate rally in history, planned for Washington DC with a companion event happening in Los Angeles. For more info see: http://j.mp/LARally

2.Write or Email President Obama or your local Congress Member. President Obama’s campaign website is:(http://www.barackobama.com/contact-us/). Click on “other” at the bottom of the page and submit your comment. To find your congressmember check the following: (www.contactingthecongress.org) Share with them your concerns.

3. Call President Obama and tell him to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. The White House number is 202 456 1111.

4. Become a Citizen Member of the Climate Change Task Force – From Reps Waxman and Whitehouse. Go to http://addressclimatechange.com/

5. Join Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance Training Camp – Week of Action March 18-22 in Oklahoma. Go to http://gptarsandsresistance.org/direct-action-training-camp-in-oklahoma/

6. Sign the Petition – Go to http://www.nrdc.org/energy/keystone-pipeline/ and click on the “Take Action” tab to sign the nationwide petition.

7. Stay Up to Date in Southern California – Befriend “Tar Sands Action SoCal” on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/TarSandsActionSoCal)

8. Set up a screening and discussion of one of the films listed in the “Movies” section below.

9. Befriend/Follow updates from the organizations listed in the “Resources” section below.

Rally at Los Angeles City Hall - Tar Sands Action

Articles and Papers:

Press Release: February 17th Forward on Climate LA – http://bit.ly/ZiOMIX

Keystone XL Blockade: Defending the Land and Water from Tar Sands Oil –https://wilderutopia.com/environment/energy/tar-sands/keystone-xl-blockade-defending-the-land-and-water-from-tar-sands-oil/

Pipeline Delay: Sustainability Threat from Tar Sands Oil Remains https://wilderutopia.com/environment/energy/tar-sands/pipeline-delay-sustainability-threat-from-tar-sands-oil-remains/

Keystone Talking Points: http://mediamattersaction.org/message/

NRDC: Pipeline And Tanker Trouble – The Impact To British Columbia’s Communities, Rivers, And Pacific Coastline From Tar Sands Oil Transport: http://dirtyoilsands.org/files/NRDC_Pipeline_Tanker_Trouble_Web.pdf

Sierra Club Papers: http://www.sierraclub.org/dirtyfuels/tar-sands/reports.aspx

Tar Sands 101: http://oilsandstruth.org/tar-sands-101

Stop Climate Change - Stop Keystone XL

Organizations with Tar Sands/Keystone XL Campaigns:

(See their websites, join their mailing lists, and befriend their Facebook pages)

350.org: http://www.350.org/

All Against The Haul: http://allagainstthehaul.org/

Canadian Boreal Initiative: http://www.borealcanada.ca/index-e.php

Dirty Oil Sands: http://www.dirtyoilsands.org/

Forest Ethics: http://forestethics.org/tar-sands

Friends of The Earth: overview, resources, and media: http://www.foe.org/projects/climate-and-energy/tar-sands/keystone-xl-pipeline

Greenpeace Canada: http://www.greenpeace.org/canada/en/campaigns/tarsands/

Idle No More: http://idlenomore.ca/

Indigenous Environmental Network: http://www.ienearth.org/

National Wildlife Federation: http://www.nwf.org/Global-Warming/Policy-Solutions/Drilling-and-Mining/Tar-Sands.aspx

Natural Resources Defense Council: http://www.nrdc.org/energy/dirtyfuels_tar.asp

Oil Sands Truth: http://oilsandstruth.org/

Pacific Wild http://www.pacificwild.org/

Rising Tide North America: http://www.risingtidenorthamerica.org/

Tar Sands Action – Southern California: https://www.facebook.com/TarSandsActionSoCal

Tar Sands Action: http://www.tarsandsaction.org/

Tar Sands Blockade: http://tarsandsblockade.org/

Wind Energy

Alternatives and Answers:

Amory Lovins: Efficiency and Renewable Energy will Reinvent Fire https://wilderutopia.com/sustainability/amory-lovins-efficiency-and-renewable-energy-will-reinvent-fire/

Sierra Club – Green Transportation Initiative: http://www.sierraclub.org/transportation/

Union of Concerned Scientists – Citizens and Scientists for Environmental Solutions http://www.ucsusa.org/  https://wilderutopia.com/environment/energy/climate-2030-national-blueprint-for-clean-energy-economy/

Time Banks – California Directoryhttp://cafederationoftimebanks.com/staff_type/directory/

Transition Towns in LA Area https://sites.google.com/site/transitionlosangeles/calendar/calendars-by-local-group

screenshot from the film

Movies on Tar Sands & Keystone XL Pipeline

For copies of or screening rights for the following films please investigate the corresponding links for contact information.

Tipping Point by Niobe Thompson & Tom Radford  http://tippingpointdoc.ca/
All film requests must be sent to the Clear Water Media at info@clearwatermedia.com. Be sure to tell them you heard about the film from the Dec 6th screening in Pasadena

Order/Stream the film online: http://www.journeyman.tv/62790/documentaries/tipping-point-the-end-of-oil-hd.html

Pipe Dreams (the screened trailer) by Leslie Iwerks http://pipedreamsdoc.com/

Dirty Oil by Leslie Iwerks http://dirtyoil.co.uk/

Downstream by Leslie Iwerks http://downstreamdoc.com/

H2Oil by Shannon Walsh http://h2oildoc.com/home/action

Petropolis – Aerial perspectives on the Alberta Tar Sands by Peter Mettler http://www.petropolis-film.com/#

SpOil by Trip Jennings and Andy Maser https://wilderutopia.com/environment/wildlife/spoil-tar-sands-pipelines-threaten-great-bear-rainforest/

White Water, Black Gold by David Lavallee http://www.videoproject.com/whwablgo.html


“As the sun rose above the eastern horizon,
the Chumash Bear Dancer pointed his hand-held staff at it,
and sang,
‘Darkness goes blind,
Like a blind man.
Then light bumps into it,
And light will last forever.’“
– Fernando Librado Kinsepawit



Burbank Green Alliance
Jessica Aldridge, Executive Director


Wilder Utopia
Jack Eidt, Editor/Writer

Banner Protest Photo: Josh Lopez: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tarsandsaction/6085787749/in/set-72157627406762465

Tar Sands Photo: Toxic Ponds, Clear Water Media

Second Protest Photo: NoXL, Tar Sands Action

Tailing Ponds Photo: Screenshot from “White Water, Black Gold”

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