Gardens of Anfa, Vertical gardens, Morocco

French-Designed Flower Towers Planned for Casablanca


French architect and urban planner Edouard François’ latest following the vertical garden trend: A quartet of flower towers in Morocco that will be planted with bougainvillea and jasmine.

Gardens of Anfa, Vertical gardens, Morocco
The Gardens of Anfa will be the landscaped heart of a new neighborhood in Morocco. A large, dense park conceals a series of four buildings with vegetal façades, creating mimetic games with the surrounding nature. Rendering from Maison Edouard Francois.

Edouard François Designs Mixed-Use “Gardens of Anfa” for Casablanca

Maison Edouard François has master planned a new mixed-use neighborhood for the Moroccan city Casablanca: “The Gardens of Anfa.” Scheduled for completion in 2017, the plan calls for three mid-rise office towers, and a series of residential blocks connected by a central piazza and concealed within a lush multicolored landscape. Each floor of the three 16-storey residential towers will feature wrap-around balconies with screens made from an interwoven mesh. The balcony walls will be planted with air pollution filtering jasmine or white bougainvillea, an ornamental vine native to South America.

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Gardens of Anfa, Morocco, Casablanca
The towers with housing units appear white, planted with jasmine or white bougainvilleas. Renderings By Maison Edouard Francois

A large, dense park conceals the “organically-shaped” towers with trellised vegetal façades, creating mimetic games with the surrounding nature and providing solar resistance to the hot desert living spaces. In the foreground, Washingtonia date palms will be planted as if in a dense grove. In the mid-ground, multi-colored flowers cover the topography. In the background, trees and bushes flourish with blue and white blossoms.

Morocco, architecture, vertical gardens
The architecture plays itself out in many colors. Towers with organic forms are implanted around the square. The towers with office spaces have façades that are planted with multicolored bougainvilleas. From Maison Edouard Francois.

Located in the Les Hopitaux district of the North African port city, lower buildings will surround the park, set back from the adjacent roads. The façades of these small buildings are vertical gardens. These residential buildings break down the scale of the high-rise towers to give the park an inhabited character. This architecture of individual buildings demarcates the limits of the gardens.

The Moroccan government is spending a lot of money to bring Casablanca up to the standards of a European city and attract more foreign investors. This 50,000 square-meter development will be connected via a new 31-km Rapid Transit Tram System designed to connect the city’s points of interest, reduce air pollution, and ease vehicular congestion in Morocco’s busiest city. Once complete, the Gardens of Anfa will become an aesthetically organic focal point for housing and office for Moroccans of a decidedly wealthier demographic.

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A Conversation With Edouard François, Architect & Founder Maison Edouard François

Yet another innovative work of bee-friendly, biodiversity-exploring sustainable architecture from Edouard François, architect, urban planner, and certified French national treasure who was named Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres by the French Ministry of Culture in 2012.




Updated 24 February 2021

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