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People’s Climate Los Angeles – Sept 20 Demonstration


As world leaders gather in New York City in September to confront climate change, Los Angeles will join the tens of thousands of people demanding they take action before it’s too late. People’s Climate Los Angeles — Building Blocks Against Climate Change happened on LA’s Wilshire Boulevard on September 20th. Media Advisory:  Press Release: Click Here Watch the livestream of the NY Event!

People's Climate March Los Angeles, SoCal Climate Action 350People’s Climate March: The World is Mobilizing for Climate Action

On September 21st people from around the nation will come together in an unprecedented citizen mobilization for the People’s Climate March in New York City. As world leaders meet at the United Nations climate change summit, tens of thousands of marchers will demand the world we know is within our reach: a global economy that works for people and the planet; a planet safe from the ravages of climate change; a world with good jobs, clean air and water, and healthy communities. Solidarity demonstrations will take place around the world as we collectively call on our leaders to ACT on climate change.

As global CO2 levels (driven by fossil fuel use) hit 400 ppm for the first time in millions of years, signs of Earth’s disrupted biosphere abound, from rising temperatures and extreme weather to resource shortages and massive die-offs. All trajectories point to a dead planet if we do not bring radical change now.

Climate Action: What’s Happening in Los Angeles?

clean energy, Great March for Climate Action, SoCal 350
Step Up. Speak Out in Los Angeles! Photo By Jonathan H. Lee.

A growing coalition of Southern California organizations and individuals are working together to ensure that our local leaders know that Los Angelinos are also watching, and we too demand climate action now. We are working to bring hundreds of Southern Californians together for the People’s Climate Los Angeles — Building Blocks of Protest Against Climate Change to support the marchers in New York and to call for immediate action on climate change here at home.

The People’s Climate Los Angeles — Building Blocks Against Climate Change will be on Saturday, September 20, 2014. A SoCal Climate Action Coalition 350 Member, Converging Storms Action Network, has planned for a broad assortment of organizations and groups, friends and families, coworkers and communities to gather along LA’s iconic Wilshire Boulevard in a chain of interlinking block protests. Diverse groups and individuals will each create their part of a network of protests — like overlapping neighborhood vigils or sidewalk picket lines — extending block after adjacent block between Wilton Place and Alvarado Street at MacArthur Park.


WHAT:    A Southern California Climate Change Demonstration!

WHEN:    Saturday, September 20, 2014, 1 – 5 pm

WHERE:  Wilshire Blvd, between Wilton Place and Alvarado Street


SO CAL 350 FLYER:  LA Building Blocks Against Climate Change Flyer – SoCal 350

CONVERGING STORMS FLYER:  People’s Climate LA – Building Blocks Against Climate Change



HOW:      Pick a corner! Pick a block! View the webpage map at  Choose a corner, intersection, or block along Wilshire, fill out the brief form, and hit Submit! Inform your members, make plans, signs, and materials, and outreach to everyone you know! Then meet up on Sept 20 at your chosen location! Multiple groups can choose the same site! You even can create a zone (e.g. an anti-fracking zone) or a joint activity (e.g. a bike caravan)! You also can just come down Sept 20 without signing up, joining everyone there! Or Endorse your support at the website if you can’t commit to coming to a given location! Sign up today!

WHY:       In solidarity with the People’s Climate March in New York City, demanding that world leaders at the United Nations Climate Summit implement policies to Stop Climate Change Now!

WHO:      Launched by the Converging Storms Action Network. Sponsored by all participating groups and individuals. Information, contact:

* SoCal 350 and Tar Sands Action So Cal (Lafayette Park)
*Burbank Green Alliance (Wilshire and Commonwealth at Lafayette Park)
* Converging Storms Action Network (Wilshire, between Vermont & Berendo). Also, anyone who wants to join a  System Change Zone are invited to join us on Wilshire, between Vermont & Berendo.
* 350 director/co-founder’s mom and step-dad (Wilshire & Commonwealth)
* Alliance for Climate Education (Wilshire & Normandie)
* California Nurses Association (Wilshire & Benton, Lafayette Park)
* Citizens Climate Lobby (Wilshire & Kenmore)
* Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, Los Angeles (Wilshire, between Vermont & Berendo)
* Democratic Socialists of America (Wilshire, between Vermont & Berendo)
* Echo Park-Silverlake Hoot (Location TBA)
* Lynne Edwards & family (Wilshire & Park View)
* Endangered Habitats League  (Wilshire & Alvarado)
* Environmental Justice Committee of the Asian Pacific Policy & Planning Council  (Wilshire & Harvard and Wilshire & Kingsley). Also, we invite Asian Pacific community organizations to join us on Wilshire, between Harvard and Kingsley.
* Food & Water Watch (Wilshire/Normandie Metro Station – Wilshire & Ardmore)
* Friends Against Climate Change (System Change Zone, Wilshire & New Hampshire)
* Paul Fries (Wilshire & Vermont)
* Generations United for Action (Wilshire & Wilton)
* Michele Hutchins (Wilshire & Ardmore)
* Arlene Inoueye – United Teachers of Los Angeles (Wilshire & Berendo)
* Barbie Ishida (Wilshire & Vermont, right next to Red Line)
* KPFK 90.7 FM (Wilshire & Vermont)
* League of Women Voters – Los Angeles Region (Wilshire & Kenmore)
* Los Angeles EcoSocialist Network (Wilshire, between Vermont & Berendo)
* Martin Luther King Coalition of Greater Los Angeles (NE and SE corners of Wilshire & Western).
* Leslie Medina (Wilshire & Normandie)
* Natural Resources Defense Council (Wilshire & Normandie)
* NELA Radical Neighbors for Peace Through Justice (SW Corner of Wilshire &  Mariposa)
* Occupy Democracy – Pasadena (Wilshire & Kenmore/Fedora, to support Citizens Climate Lobby)
* Pierce College Vegan Society (Wilshire & S. Alexandria)
* Progressive Christians Uniting (Wilshire & Lafayette Park)
* The Reding Group (Wilshire & Virgil)
* Saran Kirschbaum (Wilshire & Normandie)
* Ted Shatz (Wilshire & Virgil)
* Sierra Club (Wilshire & Normandie)
* Socialist Party Los Angeles Local (Wilshire & Vermont)
* Solidarity (Wilshire, between Vermont & Berendo)
* Southern California Communist Party USA (Wilshire & St. Andrews Place)
* Edda Spielmann – Sierra Club  (Wilshire & Normandie)
* Tar Sands Action So Cal (Lafayette Park)
* Unitarian Universalist Church of Long Beach (Wilshire, across from Lafayette Park)
* Unitarian Universalist of Southern California (location TBA)
* Unitarian Universalist Standing of the Side of Love (Wilshire & Ardmore)
* United Earthlings at the Climate March (Wilshire & S. Alexandria)
* United Teachers of Los Angeles – UTLA (Wilshire & Berendo)
* Whittier Area Environmental Coalition (3300 Wilshire, at Berendo, in front of Immanuel Presbytarian Church)
* Wilder Utopia, Wild Heritage Planners (Lafayette Park, Wilshire & Benton)

climate demonstration, People's Climate March, Los Angeles

SoCal 350 Climate Action Coalition: Power Concedes Nothing Without Demands

The Southern California Climate Action Coalition 350 will advance our Call to Action California: How to Solve the Climate Crisis for solutions that work for people and the planet – a rapid transition to a just and sustainable carbon-free economy based on an ambitious program of energy efficiency and conservation, coupled with an expansion of clean, renewable energy.

We will press our elected leaders to do the following:

  • Protect and strengthen California’s Global Warming Solutions Act [AB 32] and implement strong Climate Action Plans for SoCal cities;
  • Institute a program where polluters must pay rising fees for their carbon output, the dividends of which could be used to subsidize energy costs or alternative energy;
  • Impose an immediate moratorium on hydraulic fracturing, acidization, and gravel packing, as well as the transportation, storage and refining of heavy tar sands crude;
  • Reject multinational trade agreements that weaken environmental and public interest protections.
[vimeo clip_id="105412070" width=600 height=338 ]

To change everything, we need everyone on board. Will you help?


STORY: Call to Action California: How to Solve the Climate Crisis

People's Climate March

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    Yes You Can!

  2. I got an email about this by but they’re saying the LA march is taking place on the 21st. Is there two different marches?

    • While there might be some miscellaneous gatherings on the 21st in LA, this Sept 20th event here is sponsored by Southern California Climate Action Coalition 350 and the Converging Storms Action Network, a coalition of about 150 community, labor, youth and environmental groups in SoCal. There is only one march in LA on the 20th. I just added this event to their list.

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