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Honor and protect our national monuments! Listen to Ryan Henson, Senior Policy Director for The California Wilderness Coalition (aka. CalWild) as he shares how we can best steward and protect the designation of our national parks and monuments. A review was recently completed by Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, which could gravely impact the usage and designations of numerous pristine and sacrosanct monuments. Prevent our monuments (and parks) from becoming the province of corporate greed. Help them remain as intended — places of respite, education for children and communion with Mother Nature. Find out what you can do to protect the wilderness and biodiversity of these essential public lands.

CalWild protects and restores the state’s wildest natural landscapes and watersheds on public lands and is the only statewide organization dedicated solely to protecting and restoring the wild places and native biodiversity of California’s public lands.

Robert Pope from Public Watchdogs gives the Update from the Frontlines, speaking on the burial of nuclear waste at San Onofre State Beach in San Diego County by Southern California Edison (SCE).

Photo of a spring superbloom at the threatened Carrizo Plain National Monument in Central California. Courtesy of CalWild.

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Interview by Carry Kim from EcoJustice Radio.
Host and Engineer: JP Morris
Executive Producer: Mark Morris

Episode 6

This originally aired November 21, 2017 on KPFK 90.7 FM, Pacifica Radio in Los Angeles.

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