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Preserving the Mojave Desert from Cadiz Water Project – EcoJustice Radio


David Lamfrom, Director of the California Desert and Wildlife Programs from the National Parks Conservation Association, speaks on preserving the Mojave Desert and opposing the Cadiz Water Project aiming to mine and ship water through a pipeline and sell it to Southern California communities for more development.

Jack Eidt from SoCal 350 appears on Update from the Frontlines, talking about Labor Day and the movement to toward a just transition from fossil fuels toward efficient and clean energy economy with full employment.

STORY: Extreme Water: Tapping the California Desert to Feed Growth Addiction?

Interview by Carry Kim from EcoJustice Radio.
Host and Engineer: JP Morris
Executive Producer: Mark Morris

Episode 5

Photo from Monica Almeida in The New York Times

This originally aired September 4, 2017 on KPFK 90.7 FM, Pacifica Radio in Los Angeles.

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