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Bill McKibben and Climate Roundtable – EcoJustice Radio


SoCal 350’s EcoJustice Radio debuted on KPFK 90.7 FM in LA on Earth Day, April 22nd, with guests Bill McKibben, Marta Segura, Andy Shrader, Dr. Alex Hall, and hosted by Leah Garland.

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Bill McKibben, co-founder and Senior Advisor of
Marta Segura – Climate Law Institute Southern California Engagement Director of the Center for Biological Diversity
Andy Shrader – Director of Environmental Affairs, Water Policy & Sustainability for LA CD5 Councilmember Paul Koretz
Dr. Alex Hall – Professor at UCLA’s Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Hosted by Leah Garland, Steering Committee member of SoCal 350

Additional commentary from Ashley Hernandez from Communities for a Better Environment

STORY: Green New Deal Tour Comes to Los Angeles – EcoJustice Radio

And finally, includes a poetic interlude in the spirit of Garrison Keillor with “Lake WildBeGone,” by SoCal 350 Co-Founder Jack Eidt

Welcome to Lake Wildbegone!

By Harrison B. Guillor (nom de plume of Jack Eidt)

Welcome to Lake Wildbegone
Where all the women drive fast
All the men hope for a raise,
And the children are trained to stay indoors.

A desirable Exurbian Tract called ‘The Flowers’,
Our sprawling freedom is freeway accessible.

Fill up the Camaro
We speed past fragrant jacarandas
What do we want?
Sheepskin seat covers!

Mass at the Church of the Dinosaur Fossil,
The Creator has a bigger engine than you.

Saving for the Galicia models,
A serpentine street
On sculpted foothills
Fish jump from koi ponds.

The neighbors are “those people.”
Fences and Gates keep us safe.
We believe in amnesty for our gardeners,
One World for us with acceptable credit scores.

My mortgage banker prays too,
And recommends a three-car garage.

We built these cities with ownership in mind.
The pitchman is my doctor.
You, too, can be healed.
On payments.

Welcome to this land of Lake Wildbegone
Where the women drive fast.
The men hope for a raise.
And the children are trained to stay indoors.

This originally aired nationwide April 29, 2017 on the Pacifica Radio Network.

Updated 10 August 2019

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