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Permaculture Lessons From Fire: Restoring Paradise with Matthew Trumm


EcoJustice RadioHear Permaculture Designer/Educator & consultant Matthew Trumm of Treetop Permaculture discuss lessons learned during the Camp Fire which burned through the town of Paradise, California, in November 2018. At the time, it was the most devastating wildfire in California history, burning 240 square miles in its wake.

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Matthew Trumm from Treetop Permaculture speaks on how he decided to start an ecosystem restoration camp after the Camp Fire to restore Paradise, California.

Given current wildfires burning now in Washington, Oregon and throughout California, particularly in the north, and the accelerating impacts of climate change, it is critically important to reestablish our connection to the forest as an essential ecosystem, and to restore its ecological function using regenerative principles.

Matthew discusses permaculture-based restoration efforts he and the local community engaged in Paradise, indigenous perspectives on the effectiveness of cool burns, remediating toxicity post-fires, and establishing the Camp Fire Restoration Project [] as the premier “mobile” ecosystem restoration camp in the world modeled upon disaster recovery. Inspired by ecologist & filmmaker John Liu who we interviewed earlier this year on EcoJustice Radio, Matthew shows us how they overcame the massive wildfire disaster and are working to restore ‘Paradise’.

Matthew Trumm Owner and Founder of Treetop Industries [] is a Permaculture educator, designer, and consultant from Oroville, California, in Butte County. Since Matthew commenced his land-based studies in 2011, he has pioneered countless Permaculture projects including the nonprofit Camp Fire Restoration Project and nurturing a local food movement, all under the umbrella, Treetop Permaculture.

Camp Fire Restoration Project from Minea on Vimeo.

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Updated 19 September 2020

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